Measurement made simple

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The sensor can also be attached to a pole to help you scan environments which are hard to reach or difficult to access. Pass through your 3-dimensional survey environment to record more than 43,000 measurement points per second.

The 100hz scanner captures an evenly spaced and dense point distribution which can then be uploaded either onto the GeoSLAM Cloud Server, or on your own desktop copy of the post-processing software. The software will utilize simultaneous-localization-and-mapping (SLAM) to transform the measurements into a fully registered point cloud. The data can then be transferred into your existing CAD package ready for analysis and design.


The ZEB-REVO is an incredibly versatile laser scanner which is very simple to use. It can be mounted onto your chosen mobile platform such as a backpack, vehicle or UAV, or used as a hand held scanner with a pistol grip. 

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