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Measurement made simple

GeoSLAM Cloud
‚ÄčThe cloud allows data to be registered remotely via an internet connection. Customers are provided with an online account and access to an Uploader, where they 'drag and drop' their files to be processed on the cloud.

Customers only pay for the data that they need - with no monthly charges. Customers pay for their data using 'GeoSLAM Credit Cubes' - a unique payment method based on the volume of space passed through. The Uploader can be used to upload and download data, purchase credit cubes, and to flag datasets for review. 

GeoSLAM Desktop
The Desktop processing option allows data to be processed locally, with no internet connection required. Customers who purchase this option will be provided with a security dongle and installation instructions. Payment is a one-time, upfront cost, allowing unlimited data to be processed. Particularly suitable for high-volume users.

Processing is highly mobile - with no connection required, data can be processed out in the field.

Data is also kept private - no cloud storage means your sensitive data is kept on your own server.

ZEB Software Options

2 Options - 1 Output

There are two choices for automatic registration on ZEB data - GeoSLAM Cloud and Geo SLAM Desktop.

Both processing options are compatible with ZEB1 and ZEB-REVO, and both produce laz result files.