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​Measurement Made Simple™

Hovermap Products

Hovermap offers revolutionary efficiency, safety and operational insights to challenging above ground, underground and GPS-denied environments.

It provides collision avoidance, GPS-denied flight, advanced autonomy and SLAM-based LiDAR mapping. This allows a Hovermap-enabled drone to be deployed in challenging GPS-denied environments, to collect 3D and other data which was previously impossible to collect. This new data in turn leads to new insights.

Underground mines, tunnels, bridges, telecom and transmission towers and many more can now be mapped and inspected safely, without putting humans at risk.

Optimised for mapping horizontal assets and open areas

Optimised for underground and vertical asset inspection

See additional information from Emesent 

Collision avoidance and autonomy

Omni-directional LiDAR-based collision avoidance keeps the drone safe while flying up-close to structures to inspect them. Advanced autonomy allows beyond line-of-sight mission execution in GPS-denied environments.

GPS-Denied FLight

Allows flying indoors, underground or under bridges.

SLAM-based 3D mapping

SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) allows mapping even when GPS is unavailable.

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