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​Measurement Made Simple™

In Partnership with
Crest Capital Equipment Leasing

We get the tech.  The advancement of technology is rapid and complex. Finding a way forward, especially with respect to scanning solutions, can sometimes be confusing and challenging.  Qntfi is able to smooth the path for you. 

 We offer consulting services for:
• UAS selection and sensor pairing
• Manned-airborne sensor selection/integration
• Static and mobile scanner selection
• Workflow optimization
• Software selection


Consulting Services

The team at Qntfi have backgrounds in both project and product management. With over 20years experience in various LIDAR market verticals, we are ready to consult with you regarding your 3D data collection needs. Additionally, we are able to leverage a broad set of skills relating to the active sensor marketplace. We can provide advice and solutions to companies who are readying a scanning program or who need guidance on product selection. Whether static, mobile or airborne, we can assist in getting you to your goal.

Leasing Services 
Please click the link below for leasing options.